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    [HELP] Debian Minimal Install - Adding domains

    Guys, I just bought an unmanaged VPS and want to learn how to use it without control panel. I used to have kloxo in my VPS so I am not that hard to teach. I don't have control panel and other stuffs so that I can fully utilize my RAM and hard disk.

    So, from scratch:
    * I bought the VPS having as hostname.
    * Installed Debian minimal install as OS.

    then intalled these software stack (I got the commands from an LEB post, just ask if I need to link it, I just don't want to promote a different webhosting website here at WHT):
    * dropbear to replace openssh. Invoked from xinetd.
    * inetutils-syslogd to replace rsyslog.
    * exim4 to replace sendmail (if installed). Re-configured to allow Internet delivery.
    * cron
    * nginx
    * mysql. Re-configured to remove innodb support, remove query cache and reduce key buffer size.
    * php with built-in FastCGI interface. Running only 1 child process and respawn after 5,000 requests.


    So let's say they gave me the VPS ip address:
    And I want to use another domain, say
    I know that there's at least 2 things I must do to "connect" the VPS to my domain.
    First, "DNS" my want-to domain, that tweaks in my domain provider website. First question, how to do this? I was only given an IP address, is it in A-record?
    Second, "put that domain in my VPS". So how can I do this? As far as I know, I want my domains to have each root directory to /var/www/ But I really have no idea how to do this.

    Please help. I'll make a complete guide about these after learning these stuffs, so no more noobish question like this on the internet.

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    Take a look at these articles. This should cover the basics for what you'll need. This is assuming you're using Deb 7 Wheezy.

    Good luck.
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