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    Cisco VPN

    Is there any guides on how to setup a IPSec/IKE or PPTP VPN on a cisco vpn router? I've been using QuickVPN but it does not allow for NetBIOS names and these machines are not configured for IP mapping and do not want to have employees to have a harder job then expected.

    What kind of VPN client do I need?

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    You'll find PPTP much simpler than IPSEC to implement here, especially with the very simple inbuilt windows OS support for it.

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    +1 on PPTP.

    Just make sure that your config actually encrypts traffic. There are some config options on PPTP that doesn't result in an encrypted tunnel or encrypted authentication.
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    Isn't PPTP very insecure?

    And is there any guides on setup? I'm not finding any and cisco is new to me.

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