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    looking for norway vps or dedicated

    hi im looking for norway dedicated or vps can you tell me some website ?

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    Do you need it to be in Norway specifically or any location in Europe?
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    there is several providers in norway,but no one of them is cheap. is just some of them. if you need a server with good latency to norway i suggest a server in sweden,denmark,germany or a dutch server,they have good latency to norway but cost much less. since 2002
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    Getting a server in Norway will be expensive.

    If you have a lower budget than I would suggest going with servers in DE. - ★★ Managed VPS / Budget Servers / Colocation ★★
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    Sweden or Germany location is what even I'd also recommend. You can find plenty of providers with relatively cheaper options.
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    i work on 3d and need ip from norway

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