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    Thumbs down SolusVM Reseller Panel - someone must have thought of this?

    Hi Folks,

    Someone must have considered this before me?

    Just got a new solusvm integration made bought and paid for only to find that your resellers clients see the 'branded' integration as well which makes it as much use as a rubber walking stick.

    Luckily I asked soluslabs first before rolling it out after being confused by the theme options and how to ensure none root reseller clients got the standard template.

    The only solution offered was to create a generic login page and redirect based on client group after that, which while I appreciate it is a custom modification required to do that which would be no doubt over written during an update or someone would click click break and end up in the wrong place, aside from that it defeats the object of integration to begin with.

    So my questions is:

    You have a solusvm master server
    2 x IP's
    2 x domains

    1 IP+ Domain for your own clients.
    1 IP+ Domain for your resellers to give to their clients.

    You can only have 1 'client' template

    How do you work around this?

    The notion of resellers and white label is certainly not a new thing but sadly it was obviously never considered as important by soluslabs.

    I thought about having a separate master and moving the reseller domain to that and some how using it as a pass through but aside from the fact it would not be supported it would be messy and have risk of causing bigger issues.

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    You are correct that you can only have a 1xclient template. but what is wrong with creating a reseller?

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    Quote Originally Posted by binaryinternet View Post
    You are correct that you can only have a 1xclient template. but what is wrong with creating a reseller?
    Some companies create their own template/theme in SolusVM, and then they can't offer resellers because it's not "white-labeled".

    SolusLabs should make it possible to use 2 templates, one for the client and one for the reseller's clients.

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