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    $1 ID Domain Crazy Sale

    Indonesia is no 4 biggest economic in South East Asia with 246900000 citizen.

    If you wish to extend your business to Indonesia , is time to grab your .ID domain now with only $1 .

    ID Domain extension is a must if you would like to operate a business there as they have big trust and confidence on local identity business compare to foreign country .

    In conjunction of celebrating ******** Network , leading hosting provider in Malaysia and Singapore have extend hosting business to Indonesia with ********

    1 Dollar ID Domain Crazy Sale applicable for .CO.ID Domain and .WEB.ID Domain only which are the most demand country domain in Indonesia.

    Grab Now :

    No coupon code needed and no hidden fee.

  2. i am afraid it will cost normal $10 or something in the future for renewal , isn't it ? ?
    Compare the best web hosting at

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    Bought one, is it not automatically? My domain is still set in pending.
    This my Invoice #5083197

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    My domain is activated, thanks

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    Hello, how much is the renewal price??

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