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    Need some help with ip's

    Hi i just bought a block of ips from my hosting company for my dedicated server, but that dont give me the list of ip's, they sent me something similar to this

    How do i figure out which are my ips?


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    its ok, i sorted it out!

  3. what was the issue, can you share with us?
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    was no issue, it was just that i dont understand much about ip addressing and when i saw this i started to panic, but when i logged onto my client area i had a list of ip's i ordered.
    Well, i still dont know what that /29 means :-D

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    Here's a little guide I made for blocks of IP addresses. Without getting into the math, the slash will tell you how many IPs you got in your block. If you get an IP from your ISP that's it means you got .75 to .78. - check out the table.

    The guide is for subnetting, but explains the IP slashes well enough.

    Hope the guide helps!
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