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    Exclamation Do Not Trust they stole my domain name here is proof

    I wanted to let everyone possible know what happened to me. I fell for a scam being run by crazy domains. I purchased 3 domains from crazy domains on November 20th 2013. After registering the domains I noticed that all 3 domains still said they were available at other registrars!!!!! So I emailed support at crazy domains. The next day I received an email from them saying that one of my domains. The most year valuable domain was already registered and that I had ordered a back order!!!!! I checked the whois information and the domain was registered at godaddy the same day that I had emailed support asking why my domain was still listed as available after I had purchased it.
    It was plain and simple crazy domains stole my domain name. I will continue posting complaints 365 days per year until my domain name is given back to me from the thief who stole it at crazy domains support. The complaint number at paypal is:
    PayPal dispute: Item not received PP-002-782-193-223. I will file one rippoff report daily and will be filing complaints with icaan and any other relevant agencies. I will also be posting my complaint on every web hosting forum on the planet. Crazy domains has made a huge mistake by ripping me off. I have never had anything like this happen before. The domain name is:

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    Quote Originally Posted by webfxartist View Post
    The domain name is:
    That domain appears to be available for registration...
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    Quote Originally Posted by Jay H View Post
    That domain appears to be available for registration...
    Yes the domain is still free to register.
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    The domain was my apology

    The domain that stole was


    check whois and it was registered right after I placed the order with them.

    Unless I die I will not stop posting complaints about them.

    Domain is Pending Approval
    The domain name is pending approval from the registrar, this process can take up to 24 hours. You will be notified by email once approval is complete. Customer ID# 6314218
    Registration 1 Year
    Status Pending Approval

    My Account

    Approval process

    Crazy Domains has an automatic instant approval process, in some cases further information or investigation is required in which a domain name will become set to pending approval. This is usually caused on fraud check, incorrect information, payment issue or several other reasons. You can expect to receive a confirmation updated within 24 hours.

    Domain name rules

    Every domain name type has its own set of rules which are set out by the governing registry. All domain name applications must meet these rules and regulations. Learn more about domain names rules and regulations.

    Need help?

    If you have any enquiries, please do not hesitate to contact our domain concierge service who are available 24/7 to assist you. Call 08456 171 171

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    It's a 7 year old dropped domain. Not sure when it dropped and became available.

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    A few months ago, I'm having problem with them too. The domain is not registered, they already took the money, and did not processed it until 3 days. So I just went to another registrar and register the domain, and I got it.

    Next, I just send a Ticket to [email protected] and asking for refund.

    One weird case is, for registering a domain, it took up to 3 days, and sometimes not even processed until we send them an email.

    But for domain renewal, it's processed automatically.

    Maybe they have something to fix with the billing system

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    They won't need a billing system when I am done filing complaints

    I am going to make sure that at least the first ten pages of google are full of complaints against them and thier parent company. They screwed the wrong guy.

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    Quote Originally Posted by webfxartist View Post
    I fell for a scam
    What research did you do, which led to you selecting a company who take *days* to register domains rather than a-n-other register who (in most cases) does it realtime ?
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    I know nothing at all about this company... but do you have any proof for your allegation that "your" domain name was stolen by one of their employees?

    It could have been registered by ANYONE, anywhere in the world - and if it was on a droplist (as mentioned by an earlier poster) then it will have attracted attention, BECAUSE it was on a droplist.

    Unless you have proof then your allegation is libellous and could land you in court.

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