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    Is Offshore VPS hosting slow?

    Most websites with my connection take like 3 seconds to load unless they are cached. My website will not be content heavy.

    I want to get an offshore VPS in Latvia or Russia.

    These are the main specs

    Xeon 5620 2 cores
    1GB Ram

    I presume it will have sizable traffic as well in the near future.

    I was wondering, is an offshore host with the same specs as fast as lets say Hostgator or Dreamhost?

    The main benefit of this offshore host is complete anonymity.

    But I do not want to sacrifice latency with anonymity.

    Anyone know? Thanks

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    Also, do offshore or less known hosts lag in how long it takes for google to index my site?

    It wasnt even 7 days I believe, maybe less, and my site and pages with content on my site were already indexed.

    This is with hostgator.

    Would another lesser established host cause trouble for google to index the site?

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    Nope .so long as the ips are not blacklisted you shud be fine.

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    OP: Yeah, offshore generally means slower pings, which means slower load times. You could proxy your data though a low end North American VPS to lower pings, however.

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    North America vs Europe itself introduces about 200ms lag. Not much you can do about it unless you use dedicated proxy.

    Also, do offshore or less known hosts lag in how long it takes for google to index my site?
    Does not depend who is your host. I have sites on a VPS in Google search within a few days.

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    Where are most of your visitors coming from?

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    Depends where your customers are and depends on many othe factors also. You can use a CDN as well such as cloudflare even if you use the offshore servers
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    The farther away your traffic is from the server location, the more the latency will increase.

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    It is best practice to host your content as close to your customer base as possible, if quick load times are important. The farther away the data has to travel the longer (ms) it takes to load and can cause for some grumpy customers at times.

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