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    Smal VPS in UK wanted

    So with all these new UK websites blocks (piracy sites/port sites etc etc) I want to make a new website portal that can check if X website is blocked in the UK. Thing is I assume I need a VPS on a residential ISP connection like virgin or BT or sky (not sure who owns who over there)

    Can someone point me in the right direct to getting a small vps that has the sole uplink as one of these ISP that implements website blocks?

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    You should check with the advertising section of this forum in order to find the right kind of VPS plan that suits your needs. Also what exactly is your budget? That would make it easier to guide you to the right web host.
    Another quick suggestion would be to go for a monthly plan to test the service quality of your web host and then commit for a year. Yearly plan will bring you cost benefits over the monthly plan.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Grego View Post
    Thing is I assume I need a VPS on a residential ISP connection like virgin or BT or sky (not sure who owns who over there)
    Yes you'd need in on a domestic connection to 'see' the blocking, and no you can't have one as it's against the T&C's of all eh domestic providers.
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    Which software are you going to run the site on?
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