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    2checkout asking for ssn and credit check...

    Hello guys,
    So here is a situation.
    2Checkout after almost 4 years of working with them is asking for ssn. That is not a real problem, but they also want to run the credit check through ssn and want me to submit the number online. Is it even legit? They do not rent me business space or apartment, they so not provide credit, they just provide a service.

    Please advice... ditch them or provide ssn, together with company info, address proof, identity proof, drivers license and so on.
    2checkout experience so far was ok.

    Thanks for your advice.

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    This is standard practice when providing this type of service. They are legally required to issue you a 1099 for the income you collect.

    The credit check might be primarily for identity verification. You could check with them to see why they need to check your credit. Maybe there's a way they can waive it based on your account history.
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    hi there! this is legit and nothing to worry about. we are responding to increasingly strict regulations within the payment processing industry. Our portfolio of accounts are constantly being re-reviewed in order to remain compliant with regulations so we will contact sellers if needed and there's a changing regulation. this is most likely in relation to a PO Box being your physical address for your business. I suggest contacting [email protected] or call their extension 195 and speak with them directly and they can help you and clear any concerns.

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    Anyone else SHOULD be doing this as well, it's mandatory.

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    Quote Originally Posted by cubicle View Post
    Anyone else SHOULD be doing this as well, it's mandatory.
    Agreed. Any reputable merchant provider should be doing this

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    Email from 2CO:
    We certainly understand your security concerns. You can submit your social security number in your secure account interface. Simply log into your account and to go "User Management" and update your security information (it is currently blank).

    I absolutely agree that such checks are needed but....
    Here is how SSN value is stored at 2checkout under User management. Same goes for Driver's license numbers and ...

    Billings get hacks, emails get hacked, passwords get stolen.
    Do you really think i am as a customer want to keep SSN number, Date of birth, Address out in the open?

    Attached is a method its stored at 2checkout. Someone hacks my account and .... lucky me.. all they need is there.

    I will just call them and try to talk sense with them.
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