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    Co-location with server


    Im thinking of moving from dedicated hosting to colocated, however i dont live anywhere near a datacenter. Is there a host that can supply the hardware and co-locate it?

    Or are there any hardware suppliers that can build and send a server to a datacenter? (Dell and HP are VERY expensive).

    Im looking for

    i7 cpu
    16-32gb ram
    raid-1 setup with 2 fast ide disks, 300gb+
    5tb data


    Thank you!

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    Pretty much any system builder can do this, you may even consider buying something on ebay and having it sent to the facility.
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    Most of datacenters can buy for you! or system builders can do that. and some of them for a really cheap price of building and shipping
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    What location do you want your server colocated in? You mentioned 5TB as a colo requirement.

    In regards to hardware, I recommend that you select a Xeon CPU. They really don't cost much more than a desktop CPU and it's worth it, especially if you have this built in a rackmount chassis. If you go with a Supermicro board, ensure you get IPMI functionality! The minimal cost for this feature is worth it and you will be able to monitor your hardware and KVM into it.
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    Core i7 is fine. However Xeon E3 is made to be used on servers. So most providers would have E3 based servers on stock and they would offer better prices on E3 based configurations. As far as for the server brand, Supermicro would work great for you. You'd contact ICC-USA or Clark Howard of Orangeskytech. They should be able to give you good prices on Supermicro based systems. I also think that some web hosts would offer you a leased option on servers collocated in their DCs. Hope that this answers your questions.
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    certainly doable. We have never seen any of our Servers or even physiclly where they are. We had a server builder put together the hardware, install an OS as per our requirements, set up the IP addresses for access (both in-band and IPMI), had them ship it to the DC.

    At the DC, they simply unpacked it, racket it plugged in a couple of cables and powered them up. Our servers are on the other side of the world to us.

    Totally agree with @HostColor - do yourself a favour, spend a tiny bit more and get an E3 processor and IPMI. In the grand scheme of things, the small extra amount makes a big difference in management in the longer term.
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    Most companies will be able to install your servers and do basics like HD swaps. You'll probably have to pay remote hands fees though, since it's a smaller deployment. However, I agree with those above, you probably want to have a server builder assemble it prior to delivery.

    I know that sometimes data centers will waive the RH fees on full cabs and larger, but for a 1U deal, it's really not economical to offer that assembly free.
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    It's Not necessary to live near a data center most can provide you with remote hands but if your going to colo a machine you might as well make it very high end hardware to make it worth it.
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    There is more to colocation than a server

    While you have many choices in colocation, why not pay for a dedicated server with a hosting company? Also some colocation are just a cabinet or rack space and an internet pipe. For example I work for Cobalt in Las Vegas, I am a tier III data center and our smallest offering is a half cabinet. You put in your own hardware, server, firewall...

    I think what you really want is a hosting company that offers dedicated servers. That server will sit behind their firewalls and other infrastructure.

    Good luck,


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