I am a PHP programmer and have seen a lot of movement from software application companies in a effort to move there programs from windows on a LAN to LAMP. It has really turned on since AWS as I think the companies have always worried about taking on the responsibility of being the hardware/software provider.

I see the marketing of the cloud as good enough that software companies instead of selling software and letting the client deal with it in house to change to a subscription model and have them able to use any client they want to access the software.

I see over the next 15 years the same move that happened in the 1980s from mainframes to desktop LAN will go from LAN to cloud. The hosting companies that want to deal with these customers will have different issues then they have now as these software companies will be thinking of

Up time
Data loss

and not how to install WordPress. I would like to gain background and learn the issues as I see this as a long term conversion that will again change they way we all do business.

So I will work for free for a hosting company that would like to supply services to these types of clients. I live in Southern California and would work Mon-Fri 7am to 4pm PST.