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    [EU] ✔ Professional Xen Windows VPS Hosting ✔ ***From 7 $ / GB***

    Hello, dear community, users of WHT.
    I am here today beacuse i would like to introduce you and tell you a bit more about our company.


    About us:
    We registred the domain two months ago, when it all started. We have been patiently preparing our nodes, testing them, stressing them to test their limits and much more.
    I'm pleased to announce, that we are finally ready to accept orders now.

    Why us?
    We believe in a no-nonsense business. To that end our pricing is simple, and so is our professional support. Open a ticket, have the issue fixed; simple! All of our dedicated servers are powerful to provide our customers with the most pleasurable experience a VPS hosting can offer.

    Our goal is your satisfaction, reliable availability is important for both you and us. Never worry about experiencing any downtime. We are very well aware that breakdowns can easily lead to financial losses.

    Network ?
    Virtual Machines are connected to 1 Gbps shared port guaranteeing you will have great speeds no matter the time of day. Our goal is customer satisfaction, we are improving each day to provide the best service for fairly cheap.

    More informations:
    Our nodes VPS allocation is very important to us.
    Beacuse of that, we have specific amount and well planned ratio between plans.

    We are now taking orders on our first Italy, EU dedicated server.
    Specs: 32 GB RAM, Intel(R) Core(TM) i7-4770S CPU @ 3.10GHz


    VPS 1:
    1 Xeon CPU
    1 GB Guaranteed RAM
    35 GB HDD Space
    500 GB Premium Bandwidth
    SolusVM Control Panel
    1 IPv4
    Location: Italy, Milano

    Price: $7
    Order Here


    VPS 2:
    2 Xeon CPU
    2 GB Guaranteed RAM
    70 GB HDD Space
    1 TB Premium Bandwidth
    SolusVM Control Panel
    1 IPv4
    Location: Italy, Milano

    Price: $14
    Order Here


    VPS 3:
    3 Xeon CPU
    4 GB Guaranteed RAM
    140 GB HDD Space
    1.5 TB Premium Bandwidth
    SolusVM Control Panel
    1 IPv4
    Location: Italy, Milano

    Price: $28
    Order Here

    If any of our product is OUT OF STOCK, please open a ticket and we'll hook you up with specific product.

    Stock organization per dedicated server:
    4 GB RAM = 5x ( 4 GB Windows VPS starting from 28 $ / monthly)
    2 GB RAM = 3x( 2 GB Windows VPS starting from 14 $ / monthly)
    1 GB RAM = 4x ( 1 GB Windows VPS starting from 7 $ / monthly)

    When we fully get out of stock on specific dedicated server we will open another node.
    Balance between bigger and lower plans is very important to us. Everything has to be sold evenly.

    OS that we use:
    We are using windows server 2008 R2 Standard as our OS for VPS servers. It is pre-activated with 180 days, and we also provide 180-day keys on our website.
    However, you can also bring your own license.

    Anyway, you will find most of the things that you need to know about us on our wiki page.

    Check us out, you will defenitly not regret it.

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    top service! Many Thanks

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