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    Setup Time and Invoice Date

    We are recently looking into offering semi-dedicated services which unlike our normal shared/reseller services, include a setup time as we want to manually create the accounts.

    One question come to mind, what is the norm most hosting providers if the ordered service has a setup time involved? For example customer purchases the service on 1st of the month but the service is only setup on the 3rd, is it common for hosting providers to adjust the invoice to be next due on the 3rd instead of 1st? - World Class Hosting Personalized - 9 Locations Across 4 Continents
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    It is a moral practice to adjust the invoices according to when your customer actually is able to use the service.

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    Same as above! ^
    Best to just do this anyway, it's only fair and the client shouldn't have to request it really.

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    Like the great marketer Jay Abraham says: A client is someone under your care and protection. Your client is more then just somebody who is buying your product or service. You must always think of their best interest as opposed to just getting the sale.

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