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    Wordpress Design with Hostbill Integration Required

    Hello All,

    We are looking for a designer/developer to put together for us a new wordpress design for our new company.

    We are looking for someone with experience integrating wordpress themes with Hostbill. We will be using a certain hostbill client area and order pages. An understanding of how to make them work together is essential.

    Will want full ability to customize. Provide us with shortcodes and various styles and perhaps widgets which will aid us as we grow and create more sections of our website.

    Someone who is also good with graphics and can design our logo.

    Currently looking for no obligation quotes. Please PM & provide portfolio and rough estimates on cost range. When we are ready, we will contact our preferred designer for a real quote and to commence work.

    Thank you!

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    Hello there,

    I've worked with wordpress & several other integrations.
    I'm confident this is no different.

    skype me direct: webdevelopmentgroup
    or call me even 1-800-219-1314 EXT 0

    I'm more then happy to help out anytime.


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