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    * Unable to re-install grub in centos 6.4

    Hi All,
    I recently download centos 6.4 minimal 1386 from and installed it on my old Pentium4 32 bit machine at home. It has got one 80gb HDD and splited into 3 partitions. Two of them are ntfs filesystem consist of Windows XP present in them since long before. I made the third partition to ext4 and installed centos 6.4 in it. One day the XP went crashed and I had to reinstalled it for my parents. But then the trouble started, I lost the Dual Boot Selection at the machine startup.
    I thought I would probably need to reinstall the grub of centos. So I put the same installation cd "CentOS-6.4-i386-minimal" into CD Drive which was used to install the centos and chose the "Rescue Mode".

    Reference urls that google gave me:

    Steps I followed up:
    - Selected “Rescue installed system”.
    - Selected “Local CD\DVD” for the Rescue Method.
    - On the “Rescue Screen”, selected "Continue".
    - On the “First Aid Kit quickstart menu”, selected “shell Start shell”.
    - I got the shell as "bash-4.1#" successfully.
    - Then I tried to run “chroot /mnt/sysimage” and hit with the following error.

    bash-4.1# chroot /mnt/sysimage
    chroot: failed to run command '/bin/sh' : No such file or directory

    How can I solve this error?. Can anyone please help me on this?
    I am attaching the screenshot of exact error message and fdisk result with this post

    /dev/sda5 is the boot partition
    /dev/sda6 is the '/' partition
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    looks like you don't have your original fs mounted in /mnt/sysimage, so there is nothing in that directory to chroot.

    ls -la /mnt/sysimage
    df -h
    fdisk -l
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    Boot system in rescue mode and paste the results of df -h and fdisk -l here so we can throw some light on it

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    Thanks guys for your time, I fixed it myself. "/" and "boot" partitions were not properly mounting under /mnt/sysimage. Finally I had to do it manually and chroot worked fine. Also reinstalled grub

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    You can check the complete procedure in my blog

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