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    Exclamation [ASK] VPS Disk IO on 1 million+ posts

    i have searched few articles about hdd rpm and ssd, but i'm not sure what type of drive that suit for my blog.

    here's my blog detail:
    - Wordpress
    - 1,1 Million+ posts [disk cache with 10 years cache rebuild - no expiration]
    - 1,7 GB Database
    - Plugin WP W3 Total Cache [no cache expiration]
    - 3 Images & 1 css for every single page / post
    - 100k+ unique hits per day [3 hits/second]
    - 0,3 - 0,5 second google crawl rate per page [from google webmasters report]

    my vps specs:
    - openvz
    - 4 core cpu @2,4 GHz
    - 1 GB dedicated RAM, 2 GB burst

    currently i'm using vps with hdd raid10 [dont know how many rpm]

    vps resource is fine, cpu load and ram look good, but now im getting worried about disk IO.

    My questions are:
    - Should i use ssd or keep using hdd?


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    To check the disk io run this command
    This will help you understand what is the current read and write speeds being consumed / used and then you can decide your actions based on the observations.
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