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    Can ASP files be programmed in DreamWeaver?

    I have a dedicated windows server and code all my Classic ASP pages by hand. However, I am going to be outsourcing the frontend pages of a site to a programer who uses DreamWeaver. Will there be any problem with this? I have never used DreamWeaver.

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    Wait what? I've never written any ASP sites but if you can write something by hand you can write it in Dreamweaver, since Dreamweaver can also serve as a manual editing tool.

    What do you mean?

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    ASP files do not behave like html pages although they often have a lot of html in them. You cannot see them as webpages when you try to open them in a browser. They have to be on a windows server. Then you can see them as webpages. They also use included files. One webpage may consist of several ASP files. An entire webpage is generally not one ASP file, although it could be. The webpages are usually sliced into several ASP pages. Not sure how DreamWeaver will handle that.

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    Visual Studio express is all you need

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    I never experienced using Visual Studio, Is this good use??

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    Yes, I'm a fan of Visual Studio express. It's free and is the best editor if you host on the Microsoft platform.

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