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    Future Hosting Utter Botched VPS Setup

    After reading great reviews of Future Hosting, I decided to move to them from (unreliable) Webfusion and Layershift when looking to move to a US based VPS. I paid for their top managed SSD VPS with Plesk (it was what was used before I got there, and it's what the others 'knew').

    I can only say that they have got to be worse than 123-reg/Webfusion:

    - Upon setting up the VPS the password did not match what I had provided for the admin account.

    - Once that was sorted, the Plesk had not been setup. As a sub-licensee I wasn't given a key, so I couldn't even set things up myself (what's the point of a managed VPS?).

    I honestly have never had a more laughable experience, and I've been dealing with some very poor providers since being put in charge of running these two setups.

    Does anyone have any ideas as to a host who isn't rubbish in the USA?

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    So, have the rectified the problem?
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    They did, to a point:

    They did finally sort the issues, but they were the ones who improperly setup something which even the worst host in Europe had never messed up.

    How am I supposed to trust a company when they only got a basic task done after three attempts?

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    This is just a bad setup and hardly a reason to move away. Honest mistakes happen. Had it continued through service I can see making a bad review. But to just jump right in with a bad review and seek different hosting makes no sense when a company has such good reviews.
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    There's nothing "botched" about that. It just wasn't setup (yet).

    If the tone of your post is how you interact with Futurehosting, I'm sure this will be interesting if/when they reply.
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    It's not that they didn't set it up, it's that it took them 3 attempts to get it.

    I'd be sacked after the second 'miss'.

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    1. Yes, there was certainly an error on our order form for that specific VPS that didn't ask for a root password to be set, so it was automatically set to something else during provisioning. This occurred during our last code release to the order system. That was most certainly our error and has been fixed.

    2. Also our error, the welcome e-mail was sent out prior to the licenses being installed. That was also resolved shortly after support being told.

    From the couple responses we had to the client, they were all well under an hour. So we absolutely do apologize for our error with the password not being requested on the order form for this specific package and the license not being installed initially.
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    You know a little patience will get you allot further. Most of web hosting is automated so it relies on software to do whats its intended to do. But there are always unexpected issues, you cant take it personally like there is somebody on the other end to hate on.

    The only test of a good host is how well their support is and it appears that futurehosting is doing a good job at fixing your issue and more than likely this thread was not necessary.

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    I know this was mainly automation not working, but when you find two related issues with a setup, it makes you question about how good the support is.

    It did take more than an hour after me bringing this to their attention to have a working VPS for which I am paying extra for 'good service'.

    What's wrong here is not that the setup wasn't done, it's that when brought to the attention of the support team on duty, it still took another attempt to get things up and running, with out saying 'we're having a look'.

    If a major red flag pops up on an automated process, like an email being sent and there being no password generated etc, then there is a reason for that error (in this case the setup was botched/not done). The customer doesn't need to then get to the next screen and run into part 2 of the same issue (VPS setup not complete).

    Posting (after some frustration) to a board like this makes them look at their process, and find the faults: unlike a closed support ticket.

    I'm still not sure a provider that messes up like that, is one I would want to use. Again, I'd be out of a job for not finding the glaring fault on the first go around. A simple test login after resetting the password would have shown the major problem.

    Causing frustration for new customers, used to really bad support (Webfusion), makes them very cautious going forward.

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    Exclamation And now it froze on a restart

    Now it's unresponsive on a restart...

    Anyone have any recs for a Plesk (required) SSD VPS in the USA?

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    This is the setting up process for the VPS.....there's always going to be adjustments needed.

    If you put in a support request they'll answer it within a few minutes and take care of any anomalies.

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