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    Will 384 be enough for LEMP?


    I'm looking at VPS plans and wanted to migrate my website. The problem is that I had 8GB RAM and 4 cores on last host. I used to run LAMP server on that VPS. I need to cut costs and decided to get a smaller VPS because I wasn't using all the resources from that one.

    I'm planning on running LEMP (Linux+Nginx+MySQL+PHP) server + mail server on 384MB ram VPS with 2 cores.

    Am I going to have performance issues, my site has about 500+ visitors daily, and custom PHP scripts and some cronjobs that use MySQL database frequently.

    So I wanted your opinion, should I get the 384MB ram VPS or I need to go to a higher more expensive package?
    What do you recommend?

    Thanks in advance!

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    I recommend atleast 512 mb ram , t
    o be sure i would go with 1gb ram .

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    You can always start with 384 and if it is not enough increase it.

    that being said, I just checked one of my VPS's with a similar stack and it is using 271Meg of RAM (on a 512M /1G Vswap OpenVZ instance), so it is possible.
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    As others have mentioned, 512MB would be a good starting point to guage your usage and scale up from there.

    Are you using cPanel or a hosting control panel? I hear cPanel/WHM eats a lot of resources.

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    Isn't that an LNMP?
    LEMP sounds like limp, and that's ...
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    Quote Originally Posted by kpmedia View Post
    Isn't that an LNMP?
    LEMP sounds like limp, and that's ...
    LEMP = Linux, nginx, MySQL, and PHP

    nginx is actually short for engineX, so thats what the e stands for and you can't pronounce LNMP.
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    What make a drastic change from 8GB to 384MB beside cost?
    512 or even 1GB specis consider entry level now a day. :: Cloud Hosting Reliable Xen VPS :: Serving Customer From More Than 40 Countries.
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    Drastic change is I need to separate my website from other software running on the current vps because of security. I need lightweight vps that costs a little. Do you recommend some providers?

    Thanks all for replies!

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    LAMP works on VPS'es with 128MB RAM only, however for the best results, run it on a VPS with at least 384MB RAM.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Vita94 View Post
    Do you recommend some providers?
    Where do you want this VPS to be, EU or US? Whats your budget?

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    I prefer EU, because my clients are from EU mostly, but US can work too.
    Budget is low as cheap as I can go, but with minimum 384MB ram.

    Thanks in advance!

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