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    Need a DMCA free VPS from Europe

    I'm looking for a DMCA free VPS from Europe. I need 2 GB RAM 80 GB Space with 2 IP address

    My budget is around $ 50 - $ 60 per month. If you are know a good provider let me know.

    I'm from North India and Network latency should be good for north India.

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    Most Europe providers will honor DMCA if they received a complain.

    What kind of site you are running?
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    Europe based providers can ignore DMCA because they are not bound to follow US laws but remember they have their own laws in Europe whose outcome could be same as DMCA.Better send an email to the provider asking about their policy on DMCA before ordering any services.

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    Europe based providers actually don't completely ignore DMCA, they just forward it to the customer and the customer decides what to do next. There are problems only in case of a court order.

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    I got decent service from located in France. $40 for 8GB, 2*1TB, 5 IPs. Other smaller plans as well at great deals.

    The pings to North America are slow, however. 150ms range to my place. But a friend of mine rigged up a proxy mirror using a cheap VPS in New York and lowed them to a reasonable ~70ms.

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