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    Varcoedesign - 4 Page Web Design Only $500! Great Quality + Fast Turnaround Time!


    Latest Designs:

    More examples can be provided (besides my portfolio)

    When I didn't own a web hosting company I would not even consider a hosting provider with out a unique / up to "design standards" website, mainly because I figure if a business can't afford a nice website than whos to say they have good hosting? It sucks because this may not always be the case but that's just how it is, and ALOT of people think this way as well.

    Your website is the first thing your customer sees before they order your services, don't you want to give a good first impression!? It's like going to a business meeting wearing a dirty t shirt and ripped up jeans, or a brand new Tuxedo

    Yeah I know, I'm a bad sales person so I just let my work speak for itself! Make sure you checkout my portfolio..

    4 Page Custom Designed Website + WHMCS Coded with HTML5 / CSS and WHMCS Integration.
    Great starter kit to develop a larger website.
    Price: $500
    *50% deposit required before any work is started. No exceptions!

    For all other projects of ANY SIZE please feel free to contact me via Skype or email (listed at the bottom). A few other services I offer are listed here:

    Wordpress Integration
    Hostbill / Kayako / Blesta / BoxBilling / Client Exec / WHMCS Integration
    Custom WHMCS UI (Like the one listed in my portfolio)
    IPB, vBulletin, PHPBB3, Xenforo forum integrations!
    Responsive Coding / Design
    Basically any PHP script can be integrated.
    HTML 5 + CSS 3 Tableless Coding
    Advertisement Banners
    Custom Designed Websites
    Optimizing websites for SEO
    And so much more! Just ask!

    Check out my portfolio here:

    Links to testimonials

    Contact Information
    Skype: Varcoedesign (Highly Recommended and preferred)
    Email: [email protected]
    Alternatively: You can either PM me, or use the contact form on my website. Skype is the best way to go, though!

    Payment Information
    Paypal - Currently the only method of payment I use. You can use your credit card with paypal of course. I also have Skrill but don't like it.

    Deposit - A 50% deposit is required on all design jobs. Every design I have ever done I received this deposit, and never had a problem. So im not out to screw people, its to prevent people from screwing me

    Thanks for reading! Looking forward to hearing from you soon!
    Varcoedesign - Beautiful Designs, Effective Coding, Fast Turnaround, Great Pricing! Make your website one that you and your customers will love!

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    Korey has delivered truly stunning work for what I find an extremely reasonable price.
    From the beginning I knew this was going to be a very good experience. He has lead me trough the whole process to make sure I have exactly what I want. Even after he delivered he is still helping me and creating extras that i require. He has promised me he would stick with me until it was published and it does not seem like he will break his word.

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