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    Selling Fitness Website


    I bought this from a seller on flippa maybe like 6 or 7 months ago after the auction ended (private sale). I had big plans for it, but just never had the time to do any articles.

    All articles written were a mixture. Some by myself, some by the old seller and often times articles will be emailed from supplement companies.

    If you're in the UK, companies will quite often ask for you to sample products.

    Oct traffic:
    Sept traffic:
    Country traffic:
    Source From Keywords (mostly Google - last 30):
    Referral Traffic (last 30):

    Traffic stays about the same month after month. So with a little promotion, things could be much better. Time is the only factor to write articles or I guess you could outsource. I just prefer control.

    Twitter/FB/G+ can all be found on this page:

    Looking for $700 obo via PayPal. Domain is with namecheap and can be pushed for free.
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