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    Stay away from Sago Networks

    Greetings everybody.

    I wanted to share my bad experience with Sago Networks recently.

    I was paying my server through a Paypal subscription, but I created it 3 weeks after the previous manual payment and Paypal sent the first payment just after the subscription creation (a week before the next invoice), so I was paying with a week of advance, and I hadn't any problems so far. New invoices arrived and were assumed as payed.

    Buy I decided to cancel the subscription a day after one payment (the payment was made succesfully) because I wanted to use Moneybookers from now on, but when the new invoice arrived it appeared as pending of payment.

    I sent them a support ticket and sent them a mail to [email protected] 5 days before the invoice due. No answer... I left them a message in their Facebook and no answer too. Then they cancelled my server without advice, and the worst of all, without even reading any of my contact attempts.

    Now it's been more than 3 weeks and they still haven't answered any of my messages and they stole my 99$ of the last payment!

    It's a bad thing that a hosting company doesn't answer support tickets in more than 24 or 48 hours, buy more than 3 weeks of silence is totally unacceptable!!

    So my advice is that you should stay away from these people!

    Now I'm with Hetzner Online and everything is working flawlessly, they answer mails in just minutes and they have a lot of set up tutorials in their web.

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    it is so bad but you just 1 post and you need put more information here to confirm your issue.

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    AM also facing with this edits, they are not responding my tickets, am requesting Extra 2 TB disk for last one week, still now they are not responding, if i call to support, then are saying is related to biiling issue.

    I cant migrate my server, because i was purchased software license with this ip address.

    AM requesting you all, dont go with sago, they are doing fraud business.


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    It seems no one is seating at their support desk to respond their clients on time. Though I recommend to call them using any direct phone line. If not provided on there website. Try searching through WHOIS of the domain. I generally do the same in case any one is not responding from support.
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    I would like to understand something more clearly...did you Log in and send a ticket to billing or did you only email billing? The reason why I asked is because some hosts reserve certain departments to logins only. If you email that particular department, it will never reach their support queue. Billing is a tricky department so not all hosts will allow a simple email to be sent. You would mostly have to log in to create the ticket and then you will have the option to email thereafter. BTW, I do not consider FB as a support medium which is why I did not mention it before.
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