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    Thumbs down WHMCS and the 5.2.13 update (PDF Batch and other Bugs)

    WHMCS updated 2 days ago there panel.

    Now the PDF Batch (the only way to print invoices) is no more working... and the people behind whmcs thinks that this is not a bug they want to fix before the next release .

    Is there an other way to mass print invoices?

    If we can not print out invoices and send this to our customers we will have more than only a little problem!

    A billing software that is not ready to print out invoices?

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    Do you have Word? You can manually make them for the customers (If you don't have many) or downgrade and hope for the best.
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    They released a patch
    Now it works

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    Looks like they released a patch (5.2.14) that resolves the issue you are mentioning
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