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    How to confirm nameserver change has completed?


    My domain registrar is different than my hosting company. Recently my hosting company changed their servers so i also changed the nameservers in my domain settings. Now after 24 hours the DNS report is showing updated namservers in the report but my website is still forwarding to old server name in the address bar. I can access my cpanel but not the website itself.

    The name of the website is

    When i try to load my website i get following message:

    This Site Has Been Moved to a New Server. It may be possible to restore access to this site by following these instructions for clearing your dns cache.

    Can someone help me what is the issue here?


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    Thank you. The report you mentioned shows my name servers are and which are correct. However when i try my website to load, it forwards me to incorrect server name in the address bar. Is there anything i can do to correct things?, as i still have access to my cpanel.

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    Change your ns IP record in old panel into new ns IP, do it with your A record for website and email, but if you didnt confidence actually you just wait propagation time then it will be automatically updated

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    Your website works when accessed through - it's only without the www that it's getting a 302 (temporary) redirect to the moving page on But both and resolve to, which is

    Assuming that maia8 is the new server where you're supposed to be, it seems to me that your DNS is working fine but for some reason the redirect hasn't been removed on the new server (really it should never have been there in the first place). You should open a ticket and ask the provider to resolve this. If it proves too hard for the lower-level techs to understand, ask for escalation.

    Edit: One other thought: Check your .htaccess file in case the redirect has been implemented there.
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    @foobic, thanks for your advice. The redirect was indeed applied in the hta access file. I removed it and issue resolved. Thanks.

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