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    Any body expeienced ssl certificate issue in google.

    Today when I took, it show that the certficate is untrusted. The message we get when certficate is expired was shown. I don't think it will happen to google. Might be any issue with my system. I had visitted yahoo page, but that was fine.
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  2. Once i have this similar issue, and you know what was i did to fix the problem? i set my pc's date to current one , someone did changed it to 2 years back, and i updated the date on my pc and the issue is solved !!! some times you never know what will fix the issue
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    The clock will definitely do it... SSL certs have an embedded from and to date which is checked by your browser against system time. If your clock is off, it won't validate

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    Its strange since its google.
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    Its strange that its happens about Google. Its surely issue about the system clock. You can solve this by resetting the date and time.

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