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    I dont understand something..about bandwidth

    I would like to get myself a dedi, but when im filling out the order form i always make confusion on the bandwidth tab.

    In the description of the server i find this:

    10TB Bandwidth - Gigabit Port

    Then in the bandwidth tab i have many options:

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    What i would like to know is:

    Do i have a 1000mbps connection but its limited to 10tb data transfer?
    Becuase i dont understand why i should downgrade to 100mbps for an extra 50$ monthly.

    I dont get all this, please explain someone


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    Yes, your understanding is correct. You have a 1Gbps connection but the transfer is limited to 10TB per month.

    If you select 100Mbps, then you will get un-metered data traffic and you can theoretically use more than 30TB per month.

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    Thanks Nik!

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