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    Tricks, Practices, and Market Outlook

    Hey all,

    I'm new in the business and I'm wondering how the market these days reacts to new hosts. It seems there are an endless pool of cPanel webhosts to choose from.

    How do new hosts these days get up and running?
    What are some tricks or special methods?
    Who are good rolemodels?

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    I think a key feature / method is waiting. As time passes your brand name will get old. The more your company exists on the web the more trust you will gain from people and this will cause them to lock in the sign up.
    If your a new web host try to do some local advertising. Approach business owners and managers tell them about your services and explain how your services will help their business.

    Some good role models I would say none don't be like any host be different that's what will make you better.

    Also just remember always have hope and just because you don't make a sale the first year that don't mean anything.

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