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    Lightbulb [60% Off] WHMControl - Advanced Server Login Security - Black Friday Week Sale


    Introducing WHMControl - home of the premier server login management system. Using WHMControl, you can store all of your server login information and notes in a central & secure location. You and your staff members can then access the server information and one-click WHM access buttons on the go. You will save time, increase efficiency, and maximize security with WHMControl! Make your life easier - signup today!

    ~ The Key Advantages To WHMControl ~
    Keep Yourself Organized
    Stay organized by keeping all your server logins and notes centrally located within one control panel. No more fishing around to find your logins, storing them in a spreadsheet, or trying to memorize them all.

    Super Strength Security
    Your server passwords will be stored in the database using an advanced 2-layer encryption process to ensure maximum security. Our encryption method is the same method used by the U.S. government and financial institutions.

    Automated Password Changes (WHM Servers)
    Updating passwords across your entire server fleet can often be a very daunting task - especially if you have many servers. Not anymore! WHMControl can update any root password on your WHM servers with just the click of a button or using an automated cron!

    One-Click WHM Logins
    Save time entering login information! WHMControl features a one-click access to every server WHM within the program. All you have to do is find your server and click the button - and you're logged right in to WHM!

    Manage Staff Access Effectively
    With WHMControl, you can give each member of your staff a separate login to WHMControl - and control what parts of the program they can access. If a staff member leaves, simply remove their login to remove their access!

    Advanced Logging
    WHMControl keeps a log of every activity that is done within the program, documenting the staff member's name, IP address, action taken, and time of action. You can then review these logs from within WHMControl later.

    For a full list of features, check out our features and pricing page.

    ~ Demo Information ~
    Want to try out our demo? Check it out:

    Admin Demo: admin / admin
    Staff Demo: staff / staff

    ~ Purchase Today - Save 60% ~
    For a limited time, we are offering 60% off the first payment of any new license. Simply enter coupon code BLACKFRIDAY to activate the discount, which will be valid until Friday, November 29, 2013, at 11:59 PM EST. Please note this discount is non-recurring and will only be applied to the first month/year of a leased license. For the best value, we recommend a Perpetual License.

    To view our pricing and plan information visit:

    ~ Common Questions ~
    Q: How secure is the data stored in WHMControl?
    A: All your server passwords and WHM access keys will be stored under multiple layers of encryption in the database. Additionally, each installation has 2 unique encryption keys used to encrypt the data - one in the database and one that is part of your license data. That way, even if someone were to get ahold your database and purchase a license to WHMControl, they still would not be able to access your data.

    Q: Do you offer a trial version?
    A: We do not offer a trial, however, we do offer a 15 day money back guarantee. If you decide that WHMControl isn't right for you, simply request a refund within 15 days from the purchase date. This allows you to try WHMControl with no risk!

    Q: Does WHMControl support non-cPanel servers?
    A: Absolutely! You can store the server logins for any of your servers even if they are not running cPanel. The cPanel features are optional and only activated if a WHM access key is entered in the system.

    Q: What payment methods do you accept? Do you take PayPal?
    A: We accept all major credit cards and debit cards that have a Visa, MasterCard, American Express, or Discover logo on them. We do not accept PayPal payments. If a credit card is not an option for you, we can accept US checking account payments or Western Union on Yearly or Perpetual licenses - just contact us.

    Q: What if I have another question?
    A: If you have any other questions about WHMControl, we encourage you to contact us! Check out our contact info at:

    Thanks for taking a look! We hope to see you soon!

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    Just FYI, we released a new version a couple days ago with some new features:

    • Ability to add individual cPanel account logins and have their passwords updated automatically (i.e. to manage your cPanel/FTP logins for your websites etc)
    • Ability to search for servers by hostname or IP
    • Ability to export staff access logs

    We are constantly adding new features based on feedback we receive from our customers. We hope to see you using WHMControl soon!

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