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    Lost password wordpress, SQL

    Hello guys,

    I have some trouble, it means I have hosting with 4 domains and several subdomains on each. I lost the password to one of the main domains as well as I forgot e-mail to recovery it. Yeah, I know it's facepalm.

    But I know it's possible to recovery password from SQL, as well as I know how should I do that but...I am not remember the name of SQL for this domain...And now here's the thing - how can I check the name of SQL for this domain?

    The lost password it's the one to wordpress I tried also some experiments based on web tutorial with the file named functions.php but unfortunately without results...

    I would be grateful for any kind of help.

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    Quote Originally Posted by John332 View Post
    how can I check the name of SQL for this domain?
    That info should be in the wp-config.php file in the root of the WP installation.
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    Yes, you have right Problem solved, thank you

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    get password safe or lastpass

    Have to vent here a bit as my daughter was fussing at me earlier after I added migrated her pop3 account to Office365. Instead of being grateful for deluxe email, she was mad because it would take her a few minutes to set up and she was waiting for to send her yet another password reset email to the account I migrated. This is not the first time but she's just too lazy to bother.

    There is no excuse for not using a password saving program. Sure, they take minute but the time saved makes it worth it.

    Password safe was originally written by Bruce Schneier who made it free and it has been improved on by open source guys over the years.

    I have used it a long time. It's drawback is that it doesn't sync between devices. So I started using Lastpass on my PC, tablet and phone. There are versions for all major OS's. The cost is an outrageous $12/year for this service, more than paid for by one episode like the opening message of this thread.

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