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    Talking Asterisk, FreePBX and FOP2(Flash Operator Panel 2) Installation and management

    Hello Everyone,

    Thinking about running your own Voip/PBX server for your small business telephony needs?

    Please continue reading...

    We are offering Asterisk and FreePBX installation(not the bloated distro) for your VPS or Dedicated server.

    For small business up to 10 users we suggest just to use a low end KVM/Xen vps for low cost approach.

    To know more about Asterisk please visit this site:
    To know more about FreePBX please visit this site:

    Asterisk + FreePBX + FOP2(Flash Operator Panel 2) installation for as low as 25$ includes the following

    - Installation of all prerequisite applications
    - Astersik and FreePBX installation
    - FreePBX configurations for the following;
    * sip trunks
    * inbound routes(for your phone number, US or international)
    * outbound routes
    * IVR
    * RingGroup
    * ACD or Call Queue
    * Sip users or extension number
    and so on...
    - Installation and configuration for free limited version of FOP2(
    - Installation of Fail2ban and configuration
    - FreePBX backup configuration

    For more detailed information or to know more about the advantages to have your own Voip/PBX server please PM.

    Have a very good weekend everyone....


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    Could you contact me on skype regarding this?
    Skype - yaz_1994


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    I am interested.

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