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    Cheated without paying.

    Hi wht,
    I got a work from a client, he do have an account in wht. I did a mistake, I did the work in his server without any up front payment. Now he blocked me in skype and disappeared.

    I worked with many clients, I trusted all. This is my first bad experience.
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    These are the type of mistakes that we all make.But it is experience which makes us perfect on how to deal with such kind of scamers in future.
    Failure is success if we learn from it.

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    Some individuals have luck posting a "beware"-type post in Internet forums. This can publicly shame the individual into paying, especially if the amount is small and you have a solid case (good evidence).

    Just be sure to read forum rules, and also understand that it doesn't always work in securing payment. Some scammers don't care about their reputation.

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    I am still dont want to reveal his details, bcoz I dont want to make any difficultiese by me. I am sending another pm to him to read this thread.
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    How much are we talking about here?
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    There is always a degree of uncertainty about working for people on the web. I suppose it's part and parcel of internet life. Not that it helps you in this particular case; in future I would attempt to research the background of some of your potential employers and in the case of this forum an added bonus would be seeing the corporate member badge - there is less chance of a scammer paying that much money to have a bad rep, in my eyes.

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