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    Seking Preventive Help Before I Lose Many Domains

    Hello...This is my very first post and I desperately need advice to prevent me from losing a 15 year old business.

    Here is what happened and why I am so deeply concerned....For the past 4 years I was promised a redesign on three niche dating websites I have owned for over 15 yrs. I wasted the last 5 years waiting receiving phony promises that never came to fruition. I had grew tired of waiting and while talking with a friend about my dilemma he told me he knew a developer who could do what I needed to have done who we will call "x". hired "x' and lo and behold my dream did become a reality when "X migrated my members records to a new dating platform in 3 months time. I was on cloud nine that this developer was able to do the migration to new software.

    Since he did such a good job I thought I could trust "x" without any doubts. He recommended I register my domains thru him as he is a reseller. Without giving this much thought,I gave "X" the authority to do the transfer of 14 domains from my registrar to his reseller Registar -- The dilemma is on my account dashboard that "x" gave me to use there is no way to modify the WHOIS and correct some of my contact info...

    For now everything is ok regarding my name. I myself am listed as the registrant, admin, tech and billing, but the e-mail address is [email protected] in every category (registrant, admin, tech and billing)on all 14 domains -- I do have access to this e-mail address and I am pretty sure "X" can configure this e-mail address to gain access to the inbox. My fears are he'll change the e-mail over to his e-mail address and change the name to his in WHOIS without me finding out. I have no key or code to transfer my domains out. I check WHOIS 19 times a day to make sure the contact info is correct. I cannot handle this pressure. I cannot work on my websites because if I do any upgrades on my websites "X" might be the one to benefit from my hard work and upgrades.

    I am paid till next year on these domains. My other concern is what he'll charge me for these domains when they are up for renewal. "x" has not responded to my requests seeking answers.

    Am I being overly cautious or do I have a reason to be concerned? What recourse do I have if he changes my WHOIS contact info to his? Can I somehow prevent changes from happening before they happen by notifying ICAAN in advance that the registrant, admin, tech and billing on all 14 domains was not truly authorized by myself?

    Thank you in advance for any answers/comments to my questions before a possible nitemare become a very bad reality.
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    I'm going to skip over the technical details and give you an easy solution:

    Transfer the domains to a different registrar right now. Namecheap is excellent and very reasonably priced. You'll pay for the transfer, but this adds the new term to the end of your existing term.

    I'm suggesting this because WHT is flooded with stories like yours that get followed up a few months later with "help - I've lost all my domains". It's not always about domains, of course. Sometimes it's "my partner stole my server" or "my datacenter locked me out" or what have you. I'm not saying that this will happen to you, nor am I suggesting that your developer is untrustworthy. What I AM saying is this:

    These domains are critical to your business. If you have any doubt whatsoever, you need to eliminate that doubt. Transferring them to a third party registrar will solve that. Do it now while you have control.

    A professional developer will have no problem with this. On the other hand, if he throws a temper tantrum over it, then you need to breathe a deep sigh of relief because of the impending meltdown you just narrowly avoided.
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    Thanks for replying Lisa....I cannot transfer my domains now as I'm in the 60 day transfer waiting period, and alsO I have no lock/unlock access either that other Registrars require....any other options?
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    Quote Originally Posted by luvco View Post
    Thanks for replying Lisa....I cannot transfer my domains now as I'm in the 60 day transfer waiting period, and alsO I have no lock/unlock access either that other Registrars require....any other options?
    To transfer domain you need: EPP key (Authorization Key), domain must be unlocked, any privacy service must be turned off. If you don't have access to unlock/get EPP key in your panel, you need to contact the reseller "x", if that won't work contact the original registar.

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    Who is he reselling for? Who is the Registrar?

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    Has your web developer given you any reason for suspicion? From what I can see he has done a good job with your web site, and I can't see anyting suspicious with any of his actions so far.

    Have you asked him why you can't access your domain name control panel? The reason could, quite simply, be a technical one - namely, that he has a type of reseller account that does not support individual control panels for individual customers. I have an account like that with one of the registrars I use, if my customers want to make changes to their domain names they have to ask me to do it manually, it's just the way the account works. Most of my customers are happy with the set-up (they're the sort of customers who want everything done for them), some have asked for their own control panels and I have offered to move their domain names to a registrar that supports individual control panels.

    You have only just moved your domain names to your developer's account (within the last 60 days, it would seem). Considering you have an ongoing business relationship, how would you explain to him that you want to move your domain names elsewhere? Would this not sour the relationship just a little bit?

    Unless your developer has given you reason to be suspicious (and I can't that he has, going by your first post) I think you are possibly being paranoid. Do take precautions - have a contract which specifically says the domain names are yours, keep screenshots of current Whois information - but don't jeopardise the business relationship.

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