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Thread: DNS Issues

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    DNS Issues

    I have recently purchased and setup my dedicated server as well as gotten a local registrar to register my domain( - this was supposedly effected 4 days ago).

    After configuring my server and then trying to verify my domain through google apps, my verification fails. I used intodns to check the status of my domain and I am receiving errors that confuse me.

    some of my dns records are said not to have A records but this is not right, I have them in there. Why is the status saying my nameservers did not respond?

    intodns is reporting two nameservers that did not respond and yet it says I have less than two name servers.

    I am new to plesk and I am wondering if I did something wrong in there.

    Please help. Thanks

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    Why is the status saying my nameservers did not respond?
    The above mean that your nameservers does not respond to requests/queries, thus your website becomes inaccessible. Try the following in command prompt or console win/linux:

    nslookup <yourwebsite> <your nameserver>

    It will show you if your nameserver responds and on what IP your website resolves.

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    At the moment, I am unable to get an IP for your nameservers to be able to perform a lookup against them. Have you created the nameservers at the registrar ("Create Child Nameservers")?
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    Actually, I am thinking same as in Ghana,we can only give submit our application and wait for the registrar to tell us if they've created the domain and it has propagated.

    So I will need to get back to the registrar.


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    Try check your name server is running.

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    If you are using Plesk make sure you have DNS turned on in DNS Settings.
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    You should confirm what os and panel do you use, so WHT members can help you.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Genius Guard View Post
    You should confirm what os and panel do you use, so WHT members can help you.
    He already mentioned he is using Plesk, however I do believe its got to do with the actual domain registration. Some specific extensions, as in Ghana, are a little tricky to register and I believe his domain was not yet registered, even though he sees it in his domain panel. Best to check with your registrar to see if everything is done on their side, and be sure to ask them WHEN exactly the registration was processed so you can have a rough idea of the propagation. where Service always comes with a smiling face!
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    Show us an intodns report that will give a better overview of your issue.

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