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    Budget box in UK/EU for bacula

    I've several servers colocated in Ireland with some offsite backups going to a box in the US, but I'd like to get backups closer to home. I'm guessing the UK will be faster but year is only a guess. CPU doesn't matter but I've several of my own machines plus a few client servers to back up, so I'd like at least 2TB to futureproof.

    Any recommendations for me? OVH is "sold out" at the moment :rolleyes" and although I have Hetzner in my bookmarks, I don't think they have UK machines and I'venoidea how reliable they are these days.
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    Not sure how much is your budget but your best bet if you want cheap is Hetzner.
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    May be you can take a look on Leaseweb, They have some nice deals like E3 with 2x1Tb HDD at 39EUR
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    You can check too

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    Most budget providers will allow for reconfiguration of their RAID setup servers to allow for such disk space :-), may be worth checking the offers section out ?, good luck with your search regardless!
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    OVH have stock available on their new brand, you might take that as it would provide good latency to UK.

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