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    * Looking for VPS solutions w/ SSD at Companies that also offer Dedicated Hosting

    Hey folks,

    I am looking for 3 VPS in 3 different United States cities...

    1. They need to have SSD hard drives, but needn't be large.
    2. They need to have decent CPUs but nothing amazing
    3. Prices starting and under $100/mo

    Most importantly, they need to be at hosting companies that also offer dedicated hosting solutions, as I am considering consolidating my hosting locations to just a handful of providers.

    Any recommendations?

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    3 VPS in 3 different United States cities...
    Any specific cities you are looking for? Are there any specific requirement e.g 1 cities on each part of US? (West Coast, Central & East Coast)

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    What kind of specs are you looking for? $100/month budget can be either too high or low depending on the specs you need.
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    That $100 is for 3 vps? If not, then it is a good budget.

    You should check the advertising offers here in WHT.
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    Are you looking for managed or unmanaged VPS?
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    You can very easily find servers for your requirements.
    I think you should have no problem finding servers in Orlando, Houston and New York.

    Take a look around the VPS offer forums. Should find some there!!
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    take a look at ramnode and digitalocean.
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    Quote Originally Posted by net View Post
    That $100 is for 3 vps? If not, then it is a good budget.
    Quote Originally Posted by Fapvps View Post
    Are you looking for managed or unmanaged VPS?
    agreed - it depends on what type of VPS you want (ie openvz/virtuozzo or xen/kvm/vmware)

    after that, your budget is good, but, it depends on whether you want managed or self managed. if its pure IaaS, you can find providers offering pooled resources and your $100 should be plenty to create 3 smaller SSD VMs

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    Geekstorage has some pretty VPS ssd. You may want to check them out they offer servers located in Chicago , IL

    I have a VPS that is managed and their top notch.

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    Quote Originally Posted by digitallog View Post
    take a look at ramnode and digitalocean.
    +1 for these two.
    But have multiple location and offers SSD.
    But both are un-managed.
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    I vouch for server mania! Thats where my cPanel is hosted. Great CPU, Awesome SSD!

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