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    Money: bldg a site that references Interac, atm


    My interest is building a portal driven website. The content consists of text referenced stores that offer cash back via Interac and ATM machines. This is just to start...

    Now I was a hosting provider and didn't allow HYiP, pyramiding, bank debenture/trading/referral programs and gambling.

    Even more so, what legal rights does one have to manually advertise the store names and ATM service they provide?

    So far I have 200 businesses that offer what I am wanting to advertise. Store name, location and fee details. If any thing it should drive traffic to these stores. There is no personal information required to view locations, get directions ...etc.

    This business plan is Canadian based and is geared towards getting legit cash back options via debit card, and or, pre paid debit/credit card.

    Thanks in advance,

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