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    Acceptable Latency Ping

    Dear all,

    In your opinion, which is acceptable latency average ping?

    150ms it is ok?

    I have three servers hosted in USA and when I try pinging from Brazil I got this results:

    Server 01 : min: 141ms, max: 371ms, avg: 149ms
    Server 02 : min: 159ms, max: 407ms, avg: 168ms
    Server 03 : min: 181ms , max: 424ms, avg: 189ms

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    Quite a ways from the US. Can you provide a trace route?
    Acceptable would depend on what network you traverses to get to your servers and if that's the best you can get.
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    Thats perfectly fine from Brazil to USA, nothing wrong. All 3 are OK in fact.

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    In which city it is located in US.I heard that Miami is best location for Brazil.
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    Our servers ping are about 160ms from Malaysia, it seems all is OK for you.

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    I get about 200 from my servers in EU so considering that 150 ms should be fine & highly acceptable for you

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    You will never get less than 150ms from Brazil to the US, even Miami, which is closer than rest of US.
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