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    Managed Remote Bacula Backup Service

    Tranquil Hosting is a Bacula4Hosts partner service provider, and offers managed backup services using the proven Bacula technology for both Linux and FreeBSD servers.

    Why Bacula? Bacula advantages:
    • Built on open source - since 2002
    • Trusted to backup millions of servers
    • Recognized reliability
    • Highly efficient, even on busy servers
    • The most popular open source backup program (according to SourceForge stats)

    The Bacula4Hosts service extendeds Bacula by offering additional features for hosting providers, such as a modern web GUI and plugins for popular control panels such as cPanel and DirectAdmin. With a control panel plugin, you can offer your end users an easy to use, self-service restore function.

    Our backup service features:
    Choose your preferred location for backups: USA-Central, USA-East or Europe (Germany)
    All servers use "server quality" components (ECC RAM + hardware RAID)
    FREE assistance installing the backup agent
    FREE monitoring and email reporting
    No setup fees
    30 day money back guarantee

    Screen captures

    Backup Plans
    The following plans are for backing up single servers, with daily backup jobs
    Single server backup plans, based on the amount of data on your server:

    100GB or less | $24.95/mo | Order now
    200GB or less | $29.95/mo | Order now
    300GB or less | $34.95/mo | Order now
    500GB or less | $44.95/mo | Order now
    1,000GB or less | $69.95/mo | Order now

    Custom pricing schedules are also available for customers with larger amounts of data. We also offer customized options for deploying your own storage server or having custom backup schedules such as hourly.

    For any questions or clarifications, please contact [email protected] and we will be happy to assist you.
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    Tranquil Hosting

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