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    Arrow Looking for VPS with New Jersey or Nevada IP addresses

    For a web crawling activity, we are looking for a VPS with New Jersey IP addresses or Nevada IP addresses (we need both, advantage for those who can provide the two) with the following specs:

    Each VPS with:
    1GB RAM
    30GB Disk
    CentOS 6.4 x86_64
    20 IP Addresses

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    Interserver will be good option i used them in the past and uptime was 100%.
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    Web crawling? I hope this is not to be used for spam?
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    Spam? No way!
    Crawling the web is a legitimate task - if it is public then don't complain someone read it.
    Google does it, so Apple, Microsoft, Yahoo, Baidu, Ask and many many others. Also small companies (like ours) does this - just watch the logs on any web server and see how many requests are coming from web crawlers.

    As long as you identify yourself as web crawler and allow the other site to refuse your visit, this is considered legitimate. The data is of course protected by copyrights but still it is usable for many uses.

    So the bottom line - no, we do not spam in any way and honor all cyber-rules.

    We have ~30 such servers around the world, we never ever had single complaint about any of it.

    But thanks for caring

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    VPS with 20 IPs? usually they don't give out that much of IPs on a VPS however you might want to take a look at Dedicated Servers
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