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    Question: Single NIC for 1U


    Most datacenters only provide one ethernet connection to a 1U server and charge more for multiple ethernet connections (understandably because of the additional bandwidth).

    In my case I am happy with sharing 100MBit but ideally I would like multiple connections. First because I use virtualization and I would rather not access the host remotely going through the same virtual switch as the VM (risking of locking myself out if I change the configuration of the virtual switch). Another reason could be KVM.

    Is anyone aware of a good solution or is it just a problem? I was thinking something like an embedded PCI switch. But I could not find anything that would fit in a 1U box.


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    i think you're seeing the issue wrong... the bandwidth you have it included or pay extra anyway, the problem with multiple ports is that you occupy the switch port on the data center side and those are limited / rack.

    try to get a 1U server + 1U switch and then you can have as many ports as you need...
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    Hello, most of the hardware companies offer remote access cards for their servers. For example Dell has Rac cards or HP ilo however for HP is a matter if license if you can use it or not. But with that you will need a switch at the datacenter so that you can set up a different IP for the remote access cards then for the OS itself.

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    If you want a low bandwidth connection for something like DRAC or IPMI, I know that we offer that at a low additional price, or even included in some packages. I can't speak to what other people offer, but you should shop around to see if you can't find someone who will do it. Try using @quotecolo or Data Center Map to get a number of quotes from providers. Chances are you'll find one that will do it for you without charging an arm and a leg.

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    Multiple Switch ports are simple a matter of cost - Depending on the DC, you might even get 1 + 1 included, where the +1 is an IPMI port.

    Quite often, it is just a matter of a few extra $ (5-20) for the port. This is simply a question you need to ask the DC you are considering.
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