i3D.net Gains Competitive Advantage with Kingston Memory and Enterprise-Class SSDsRotterdam, The Netherlands - November 15th, 2013
Memory and storage manufacturer Kingston Technology researched i3D.net for an extensive case study on our use of Kingston products in i3D.net's hosting infrastructure.

The full case study is available at Kingston.com: i3D.net Case Study. An excerpt can be found here: http://www.kingston.com/us/business/...case_study_i3d

A quote from the Kingston case study on i3D.net:
Enterprise-class reliability supports Service Level Agreements
Another key element to i3D.net’s success is its SLA guarantee of 99.99 per cent availability. To ensure this standard, i3D.net technicians log and analyse device failure incidents. “The Kingston solutions have definitely made it easier for us to meet our SLAs,” says Koster. “The MTBF [mean time between failures] of their modules is incredible. Since we started using them, we’ve reduced DRAM failures by 50 per cent. And because we use Kingston as our default brand, we don’t have to de-bug memory from different brands so we’re saving 10 per cent in staff labour hours as well.”

These results stem from Kingston’s rigorous testing, and quality assurance procedures. Consequently, Kingston backs its memory products with a lifetime warranty while the Enterprise SSD product line is backed by a three-year warranty. And with program/erase cycles of 30,000, the durability of the E-series SSDs is typically 10 times what client SSDs offer.

Significant server performance enhancements deliver competitive advantage
Additionally, the Kingston enterprise-class SSDs helped solve the company’s server IO latency bottleneck. “The limiting factor was our HDDs, not our processors,” states Koster. “By eliminating that log jam, we’ve been able to help corporate customers lower their costs by placing more virtual systems on each server.”

The server performance enhancements certainly yielded significant technical benefits. For Koster, however, the real prize was that “Our server infrastructure has been a fundamental part of the organic growth of our company. It has given us a competitive edge against other infrastructure providers like Amazon and Microsoft. By offering customers tailored server solutions, we’ve experienced double-digit growth.”