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    SolusVM: two masters with one slve


    I have a server which has two disks, a SSD and a SATA. I want to offer two types of vps service, SSD based abd SATA based. Unfortunately it does not support multiple volume groups. I came to an ideaa that is installing two master s on two separate servers and add slave node with different volume groups to both. Do you think it will work or will they confilict?

    Please advise.

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    I asked same question from SolusVM sometime back and they advices me to use slave only with one master.

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    There is no way to reach such an approach? What did you to approach? Are you sure it will conflict? Two months worked hardly to etup Cloudstack and failed because of troubles making templates.

    Please advise.

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    Why you don't want to use another software?
    Does your project critical to use SolusVM? Why?
    What is better, to change the main idea of your project or change something in implementation?

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    If you have 3 servers then why not just setup 1 master and 2 slaves, 1 slave with ssd and the other with hdd.
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    i think you have to do it manually. using one master you can setup the VPS but after it's created by solusvm, you'll need to create new LVM partition on SSD/SATA (depends which one you set as default storage on solusvm master)

    then modify the configuration of that VM to use the new LVM partition and do a reinstall.

    i haven't try this method, do it at your own risk. i give no guarantee that it will work. i suggest to do it on a test server first Half Dedicated Half Price
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