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    VPS with Java EE container needed.

    I need your standard managed VPS (cPanel, PHP and MySQL) with a Java EE container on top of it. TomEE or GlassFish. I'm building something that requires so called managed beans, so bare Tomcat won't do.

    VPS doesn't need to be powerful, as the Java application will only be accessed by a handful of admins over some special port (for example: 8080). The public will only access php files which are completely separate and do not use that Java application.

    Now, I know I can install this myself but I don't have time to chase server administration.

    Anyone know of a reputable North American hosting provider that successfully runs cPanel VPS with a JavaEE container?
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    since you mention it shouldn't be powerful, i guess you don't need too much cpu. How about RAM (it's java in the end), disk and BW?
    did you think about getting an unmanaged VPS and buying management from somebody else (there's a place in the offer section for management)? The reason why i'm asking, is because you might have a hard time finding the right provider that offers management for java... i didn't see one yet
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    I could start with as little as 512mb of RAM. I don't think specs will be an issue. And I don't need the Java part managed. I just need the VPS managed. With cPanel I can do basic things. But patches updates, import of a large .sql file or a domain mapping that requires a bit more work better be handled by hosting admin. I certainly don't have time to bury myself in some EasyAdmin issue. Once TomEE or GlassFish is installed and JDK is updated to 1.7, I would do the rest myself.

    If I can't find one of those, I'll live with Tomcat. But it forces me to use programming techniques that date back to middle ages, so I thought I'd come here and ask.
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    Typical shared hosting panels like cPanel and Plesk don't handle Java well at all. I recommend to avoid them for this requirement (the Java part at least) because they'll just make your life miserable!

    If I may suggest that you take a look at the Jelastic platform for it instead (Duke's choice 2012 winner, the platform is developed with Java hosting especially in mind). Jelastic will handle your needs for the Java EE part. Jelastic supports a choice of TomEE or GlassFish for Java EE (as well as Tomcat and Jetty for Java servlets, and Apache / Nginx for PHP).

    Jelastic itself is a PaaS stack. They don't provide hosting, just create the software that powers the platform (somewhat similar to how cPanel is for shared hosting). It's currently offered by about 20 hosting providers around the world (Layershift offer it in the UK).

    You can use Jelastic to launch common application server stacks in just a few clicks, and then it automatically adjusts the size of your servers in real-time to suits the resource demands from your application (this way you're not paying for unneeded resources). Unlike Heroku etc. you should be able to run any standard code/applications without modifications (e.g. with Heroku you have to run embedded servers, which is a particularly bad idea for Java EE!), and you also get your own server instances for everything so if you need to you can modify all of the confs to suit your own needs (e.g. my.cnf, httpd.conf, server.xml, php.ini etc.).

    ServInt offer Jelastic in North America, so they'll be your best bet if you want to host within the US.

    You could buy a managed VPS from them (or anyone else you like the look of!) for the other stuff (Jelastic actually supports various Java and PHP servers, so depending on your needs you could potentially handle everything on Jelastic without needing the separate VPS).
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