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    Hosting business case


    We have moved into a new office with own small data center that can host up to 8 full racks. At this point we only have a rack as we are primarily in the online marketing business. We will now be focusing more on cloud hosting, so I would like to get your opinion of what could be the possible rate of growth here. We would like to fillup that space in 3 years, and I know it will depend on so many factors. Need to start the discussion

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    cloud hosting as in:

    - cloud vps or
    - cloud web hosting or
    - cloud object store or
    - all of the above ?

    In my opinion, it's always good to start small and evolve from there... i know the price to reserve a cabinet is not so expensive, but still, i believe you're starting too big (but then, i have no idea about your funding, marketing, etc)
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    Exactly what type of cloud hosting services will you guys be offering? You must think always a head and make decisions to better the future of your business. Build a very detailed business plan and make it so you can always add or remove things. Don't give up and always also think of things you can do / have which others don't.

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