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    Yesterday i decided to sign up with Since OVH is constantly out of stock and i needed a small server to test out some stuff, i opted for their €9 'dedibox' VIA Nano server. They seem to be a reseller, but funny enough 99c cheaper than directly via

    Quick and correct. Paid by paypal, there was no need for manual verification.

    Pre-delivery communication
    Communicated delivery time was within 3 days, its day 2 now so i decided to file a ticket about the status of the delivery. Got an answer within 15 minutes. Delivery should be tomorrow.

    Their panel (heavy modification of WHMCS i think) has a nice style and looks very complete. Looks promising.

    Will update this once i receive my server
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    Keep us updated!

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    I never had any issues with OneProvider, and like you said they are often cheaper than

    I was not with them long, just two months, the only catch with OneProvider is that in the beginning you do get it cheaper than going directly thru, but you are going to pay more, sometimes much more for extras such as extra ip's.

    So if you just need the box just as is, its a great deal, otherwise not so much.

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    Quick follow up: Delivery was within the promised three business days. Replies to the support tickets was decent and i like the server management panel.

    Unfortunately there was some confusion about my server, their website states that all servers in FR, Paris have KVM/IPMI access. When i couldn't fire up the IPMI on my server, i asked support if i was doing something wrong. Turns out that not all servers have IPMI access, the NANO servers don't have it.

    Since this was not listed on their site and i really need the IPMI access for a server to work with, i asked for cancellation and a refund. Too bad this mistake happened, i will however consider them again since the experience has been good and prompt overall.

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    Got my refund today.

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    They've just modified the Nano servers description. ) No IPMI ) I think because of you.

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    i ordered the i3-530 2.93 GHz + IPMI server (sold out now) for 20euros
    about a month ago. got delivered within promised business days and i'm quite happy with them so far. they answer support requests pretty quick and IPMI proved itself very useful when I misconfigured its firewall and lost all access.
    some test results for a test file (still available) i posted a couple of weeks ago

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    I ordered a server from them yesterday, I contacted support about ETA and a few other questions and the answers were clear, fast and very normal, it didn't sound like something copied and pasted from a script.

    I'll give a full review after I test and use them for a while.

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    Also purchased a server from them and had absolutely no issues so far, pretty pleased with the service.

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    And here i come
    We ordered a server on 11.12.2013. Guess what happened till today 21.12.2013
    NOTHING.. still no server, tonnes request in the tickets, and i only got replay that the problem is forwarded to the delivery.
    THe funny thing is, that the delivery is answering me the same That they will forward it to the delivery.. how funny is that.
    So after 10 days, i send them $170. If they are clever enough, they can do $220 from my money, but this a another view.

    ONEPROVIDER is for me the worst webhosting company that i have deal with.
    I was working in support to, and this is not the way how they should tread clients/resellers. I would be not so made, if some one, who cares about his clients, sit down, and write me some reasonable words down to clear the out the issue, and enplane me what is going on.

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