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    Cartika Master CommandLayer Reseller Program - Resell IaaS SSD Cloud, Managed VPS

    Cartika - When it Matters
    13+ years of servicing customers hosting and infrastructure requirements. 24x7 support is always available via phone, chat and helpdesk. Cartika owns and operates all of our equipment. We offer Tier1/Tier2 redundant upstreams, with plenty of upstream capacity. 100% Juniper WAN/LAN networks with redundant Gbps & 10G capacity throughout. Every single device under our control is powered by redundant 2N A+B power. All of our servers use hot swap components, hardware raid cards and dual power supplies. We proactively monitor every aspect of our infrastructure and networks and confidently back all of this with a simple and clear 100% network and infrastructure uptime SLA

    The Cartika Master CommandLayer Reseller Program

    Resell each component individually by purchasing the respective reseller account, OR resell all components as part of our CommandLayer from your own Hostbill install

    Do you not have a Hostbill license or think Hostbill is too expensive? not a problem ! purchase a Hostbill license from Cartika and receive a $400 Cartika Account Credit to be used towards the purchase of any product and service available from our portal

    Cartika Provides
    • Hostbill License and Management from our Portal
    • Level 1/2 Hostbill support for our modules
    • All Hostbill Modules required to re-sell available Cartika services

    Resell the following Services:
    • eNom Domains and SSL certificates (free eNom reseller account to be provided by Cartika, eNom requires minimum deposit amounts of $100)
    • cPanel Accounts (USA Only)
    • IaaS Cloud VPS (USA &/or Canada)
    • Managed VPS (USA &/or Canada)
    • Managed Cloud (USA &/or Canada)
    • Microsoft Exchange (USA Only)

    Cartika Master CommandLayer Reseller Program

    Purchase each component below separately - either as a stand alone offering, OR as part of your CommandLayer Interface

    Additional Value Added Services
    Private Label End User Phone and eMail Support for all of your customers
    Free PCI DSS certified account for hosting your billing application (reserved for loyal Cartika Resellers)

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    Looks good, I'll think about it.

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