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    Convert dedicated server into VPS

    I have a dedicated server and want to convert it into a VPS in order to install CPANEL with vps license (for $15/month instead of $32/month for dedicated)

    What do you recommend? install Cpanel for dedicated or convert the whole server into a big VPS?

    My server specifications are
    i3 CPU
    8GB RAM
    2TB HDD

    Note that I have only one IP.

    Please let me know your thoughts and what is the free visualization software you would use.
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    Are you going to be simply creating a VPS using the entire server? If you're only running one VM, there's no sense going with a paid VM solution. Proxmox and HyperVM are both free, or you could always do it by hand without the administrative app -- though that will require a little research and learning.

    To be honest, I'd just pay the extra $15 to go with the dedicated server cPanel license, or find a different control panel. InterWorx is awesome and offers lifetime licenses. DirectAdmin is another good choice, though it's really a whole different ballgame from cPanel. Webmin is free but nowhere near as user-friendly as cPanel.

    That's the tradeoff. If you want the simplicity and relative user-friendliness of cPanel, you're going to have to pay for it.
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    FRH Lisa , Thanks for your post.

    Are you going to be simply creating a VPS using the entire server?
    Yes, just one VPS.

    Proxmox and HyperVM are both free
    I have an option for hyper-v and Citrix XenServer for free as well, but I do not which is the best light and fast to accomplish the task.

    o be honest, I'd just pay the extra $15 to go with the dedicated server cPanel license
    I totally agree with you, but I do that as I have tight budget.
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    If you are a Windows user, I would say Hyper-V. easy to manage and so stable. You can use Vmware Esxi free version which is powerful and easy to work with again. or others you can use KVM with Poromox. but I would recommend the 2 first option
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    +1 for vmware esxi as well...
    i also hope you're going to use that box for testing or personal projects, not to sell shared hosting...
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    Quote Originally Posted by athensguy View Post
    I have a dedicated server and want to convert it into a VPS in order to install CPANEL with vps license (for $15/month instead of $32/month for dedicated)
    So, you are moving to VPS to get away from paying the license for dedicated server?

    If you are selling shared hosting, I would stick to your current setup.
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    @Hannan Thanks for sharing your thoughts.

    @silasistefan and @net This is not for shared hosting. This is for my own projects.
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    If you have a lawyer you may wish to consult him/her over the following from

    2.5.3 Authentication System. The Software contains technological measures that, working in conjunction with cPanel computer servers, are designed to prevent unlicensed or illegal use of the Software (collectively, the “Authentication System”). You acknowledge and agree that such Authentication System allows cPanel to (among other things) (a) monitor use of the Software by You and Third Party Users as set forth in Section 2.5.4 (cPanel Usage Data); (b) verify that the Software is only used on the Licensed Server; (c) suspend or disable access to the Software in whole or in part in the event of a breach of this Agreement or in the event of a breach by a Third Party User of cPanel-related provisions of a Third Party Agreement; and (d) terminate use of the Software upon the expiration or termination of this Agreement. You agree not to thwart, interfere with, circumvent or block the operation of any aspect of the Authentication System, including any communications between the Software and cPanel’s computer servers. For the avoidance of doubt, the Software will not operate unless cPanel from time to time verifies the Software using the Authentication System which requires the exchange of information between the Licensed Server and cPanel over the Internet.
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