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    Microsoft attacks google

    Google spams your inbox with ads that look like real emails

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    They've been doing that for years, it's only adverts and not spam as Microsoft claims, and they do that on everything:
    - Youtube (ads)
    - Google (ads)
    - gmail (ads)

    it's just google you just don't click the adverts. I take it google and microsoft didn't pair up so they are trying to take google down.

    If microsoft didn't wreck Hotmail people wouldn't be using gmail.
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    Microsoft is one to talk... They do this too. If you search around here, you'll find a thread about it.

    Yahoo is no better. They have a "safe list" of spam providers are allowed to go directly into your inbox, skipping the spam box.

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    telecom new zealand force its users to use yahoo email services whether you want to or not and the guy who set it all up made such a mess of it and then left leaving his mess behind him.Telecom nz is one of those multi million dollar companys yet cant get things right in some departments.They have been having email problems for years.

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    I use gmail and only recieve emails from people I know, or services I signed up for? Unless you mean the "promotions" column to the right, which I just ignore.

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    I seen a post like this on facebook, so I said this...

    I haven't found this in my gmail account yet, but I'm using the simplified interface with noscript. However, I'm finding that I'm using gmail less and less. In the end free stuff, has a price usually you are the product being sold.
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    Google monitors everything

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    I've seen a few. Not a big deal to me. They're marked as ads.
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    I don't like Google, but look who's talking. Microsoft obviously thinks the world has forgotten the provisions and privacy violations of the "MS Passport"...

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    Let's see.....
    Google, Apple and Microsoft are evil.

    I miss the old Hotmail, although I simply use email on one of my domains.
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    thank goodness there are no spam ads in the free easynews email service and i enjoy hearing about people who sue google for breach of privacy as one guy did a few weeks ago.I also have google blocked on my sites

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